10 - The biggest vehicles available. Extremely large spaceships. The Exelion. SDF-1 (either mode).

9 - 500 feet or more. Ridiculously large robot, or midrange battleship. Gunbuster (600'). The Argama.

8 - 250-500 feet or so. Extremely large robots; smaller battleships. White Base. Daitarn 3.

7 - 150-250 feet or so. Very few robots are larger than this. Combined robots. Big Zam. Combattler V.

6 - 100-150 feet or so. Bigger Mobile Armours. Some larger Super Robots. The Evangelions.

5 - 60-100 feet or so. Most Super robots. Some Mobile Armours. Grungust 0.

4 - 40-60 feet or so. Many armies' generic troopers. The Gundam. Gespensts.

3 - 20-40 feet or so. Some small mechs, or larger vehicles. Tanks. Aphrodite A. A Zentraedi without armour.

2 - 10-20 feet or so. Rather small mech. Wanzers. Fighter jets.

1 - 0-10 feet or so. A person. Tekkaman Evil.

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