Shu Shirakawa
Full Name:
Shu Shirakawa
Birth Date:
Research Team
Aidoneus Island
Banpresto Originals
Voice Actor(s):
Takehito Koyasu
Theme Song:
Dark Prison

"To each action there must be a reaction."

A colleague of Bian Zoldark's and one of the lead researchers of EOTI prior to the revelation of the Divine Crusaders to the world at large, Shu Shirakawa has never been a particularly well known person. He is quiet, mysterious and very private as a person. All that is really known about him is that he is a high genius intellect who has already pulled in multiple doctorates at a comparatively tender age. He is heavily involved in developing some of the DC's largest and most powerful war machines and pilots one of the DC's earliest terror weapons, the Granzon, himself.

Background InformationEdit

Shu Shirakawa is a mystery.

Shu Shirakawa the person comes into existence, seemingly fully formed, only a few years ago, just prior to what is now believed to be the initial militarization of the DC began in earnest. His academic career was nothing short of meteoric, though his identity was seemingly lost in the chaos of the riots caused by Gentle Chapman's unprecedented string of wins in the Gundam Fight. By the time he was twenty he had already cemented his reputation as one of the most gifted up-and-coming scientists in the world, and attracted the attention of Bian Zoldark, the head of EOTI. Essentially, upon arriving in the offices of the EOTI, Shu Shirakawa once again ceased to exist as far as the outside world was concerned.

The next time anyone saw Shu was at the helm of one of the DC's heaviest hitters, the Granzon, a mobile weapon which uses the force of gravity itself as both a defensive measure and a weapon.

Personality TraitsEdit

Those who have encountered Dr. Shirakawa describe him as being both incredibly formal and reserved as well as shockingly snide. While capable of showing not a single shred of temper or anger, and in a perfectly conversational tone, Shu has a talent for taking people apart without any inflection at all. The Granzon might be among the most impressive weapons platforms ever devised, but its pilot's mouth may be its most devastating weapon of all.

Talents & AbilitiesEdit

  • Has a pet bird of unknown breed and nasty disposition.
  • Is the only member of the DC's main research staff who is not a blatant freak. (See: Adler and Dr. Hell)
  • Developer on the Granzon, the Valsion and is presently working on a third, very hush-hush project which went into full gear after the Excellion returned.